Investing in Gold & Silver

With today's uncertain economic climate; investing in precious metals is a very important aspect to preserving ones long term wealth and retirement plan.  With the fear of potential "paper investments" and stock failure and even bank failures, gold and silver provide a GUARANTEE, as it is a tangible commodity that is IN YOUR POSSESSION AND CONTROL.  One can monitor its value with EASE at all times.  It is one of the most liquid investments as, if need be, one can sell it worldwide and be paid immediately.  Here at Placerville Coin and Bullion (note the second word there - "Bullion"); we have specialized in educating and supplying hundreds of investors locally and regionally for the past decade with the precious metal that best fits their needs and budget.  You don't have to be wealthy to invest - there are products to accommodate any and all levels of investing!  Please inquire for a free, no obligation expiation of the many products we carry. 

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