Placerville Coin & Bullion is owned by husband and wife team Chris and Jamie Lowman.  Chris and Jamie met each other while Chris was visiting a coin dealer in a neighboring state over 100 miles from his hometown where Jamie was an employee. The rest is history! 
Chris is a LIFELONG collector of Coins and Antiques.  As an only child, he used to beg his Mom and Dad or any other willing family member to take him all over town (and Northern California for that matter) in search of his collecting pursuit and passion.  As Chris got old enough to drive he then took his collecting to the next level.  He has traveled THOUSANDS of miles by car and airline in pursuit of RARE coins leading him to make an enormous group of contacts and connections to further his superior knowledge in the field making his shop the ONE-STOP shop for El Dorado County and Northern California SELLERS!

   74 MAIN STREET @ Canal St. (Across from KFC) PLACERVILLE, CA 95667